A Question of Dates

As part of my Letterboxd addiction I have begun compiling my best of list for 2012.  Now herein lies the question.  Here in Australia we get movies slightly later than most, but just occasionally earlier (like The Avengers for instance).  Films like The Descendent’s and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for instance were all given January 2012 release dates here in Oz, so theoretically making them eligible for all 2012 lists.  However as they opened in the US and Europe in late 2011 they are officially categorised as 2011 films. Another example is Steve McQueen’s Shame, which was released in the US in December but not till March down under.  All three of these films would probably make a best of list, but for what year?  Therefore should a best of list be based on the official release date by the studio or on the date of release in the country the individual lives?  Thoughts anyone?

Movie Questionnaire Blog-a-thon

I have never done a blog-a-thon before, but I am trying to be a little more proactive in things lately so here goes.

This Movie Questionnaire blog-a-thon was started by Cinemanic Reviews which I picked up from Andy Buckle’s Film Emporium.


1.  What is your favourite movie?

True Romance


2.  Least favourite movie?

Love’s Kitchen – utterly inedible.


3.  Name one movie you loved upon initial viewing but eventually grew to hate (or vice versa)?

As much as I hate to admit it, the more I think about it the more I don’t think I like The Avengers.  I liked it in the cinema, but a subsequent watch at home left me feeling quite cold.  Not hate, but definitely going downhill.


4.  Name your biggest guilty pleasure.

Titanic (I know, I know)


5.  Favourite quote from favourite actor or actress (and must be a line in a movie)?

Steve Martin – I couldn’t be a woman, I’d stay home and play with my breasts all day – LA Story


6.  Favourite quote from a favorite actor/actress (and must NOT be a line from a movie)?

Everything is within walking distance, if you have time – Steven Wright (I love his deadpan humour)


7.  Three favourite movie scenes?

A little tricky this one.  The first three that come to mind are:-

a.  Brad Pitt as the stoner in True Romance (makes me laugh every time)

b.  Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken in True Romance (one of the best pieces of writing QT has done)

c.  Anything from LA Story.  (Steve Martin at his best – every scene is magical)


8.   Four films that should NOT have won Best Picture?

Shakespeare in Love

Forrest Gump

Dances with Wolves

Driving Miss Daisy


9.  Top five of the year (currently)?

Take This Waltz

The Dark Knight Rises

The Hunger Games




10.  Bottom three of the year (currently)?

I tend to not see too many bad movies so this is a little difficult, but if I had to chose then:-

The Campaign

Man on a Ledge (purely final the cringe inducing final reel)

Iron Sky


11.  What film gets your vote for the worst or most pointless remake?

Nightmare on Elm Street


12.  Is there any film you think is actually desperate for a remake?

I have highlighted on my site a 2010 film called Chatroom by Director Hideo Nakata who is best well known for Ringu.  There is a potentially really strong film hidden away here about internet chatrooms and the dangers they can bring.  Whilst Nakata portrays the internet interaction in a really interesting way, this fascinating premise is lost beneath a terrible script and an appalling final third.


13.  Name your three favorite film heroes.

Maverick, Lloyd Dobbler and Hans Solo


14.  Name your three favorite film villains.

The Joker, Hans Gruber, Tomy Devito (Joe Pesci in Goodfellas)


15.   Best sequel?

The Bourne Supremacy took things to a whole new level.


16.  Worst sequel?

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – honourable mention to Grease 2 (Lets bowl, lets bowl, lets rock ‘n’ roll)


17.  Best trilogy?

Hard to look past Toy Story.  Three films that fit together perfectly.


18.  Worst trilogy?

Transformers – if you willingly chose to pay your own money to watch them, its partly your fault.


19.  What’s your favorite word to use in a movie review (if your film blog does not feature reviews, substitute “review” with “-related post”?)

Looking back through some of my reviews, I seem to have a compulsion for the word captivated.  Think I might be overusing it.


20.  Anything else?

Don’t forget to look for the fun in movies first; fault finding should come second.

The Week That Was 6 August – 2 September

Ok, so its been a while and there is quite a lot to catch up on, therefore let’s just dive straight it.  As always you can check out my full 2012 watch list here:-

Cinema Screenings

The Campaign – Didn’t get my vote.  Quite a funny opening hour or so but rapidly goes down hill.  Skip It. 

The Sapphires – Chris O’Dowd shines in this hugely entertaining tale of four Aboriginal girls entertaining US troops in Vietnam.  Whilst it skips over the more serious aspects of the Vietnam war, it remains engaging, funny and toe tapping good right through to the final beat.  Highly Recommended.

The Dark Knight Rises – Third time round for this one. Just keeps getting better and better.  All Time Classic.

The Bourne Legacy – I just couldn’t get past the huge plot holes and the tacked on final 20 mins or so.  A poor relation to the other Bournes.  Skip It. 

Total Recall – Continuing the theme of poor relations, this was another real let down.  Whilst it had a couple of nice nods back to the original it lacked any of its predecessors substance and intrigue.  I did however like Kate reverting to her native British tongue when she needed to be more of a badass. Skip It.

Holy Motors – Ok, so full disclosure here.  I had not seen any of the trailers, read any reviews or knew anything about the Director prior to watching this.  All I had seen was the poster, so therefore I went in thinking this was going to be a comedy about a religious used car salesmen.  It wasn’t it.  However I still have no real idea what it was about.  Even so I was equally fascinated and confused by it.  Watch It.

Moonrise Kingdom – I have never really got on with Wes Anderson in the past so was not expecting to enjoy this quite as much as I did.  Whilst it retains a lot of Anderson’s annoying tendencies these are interspersed by two genuinely charming and engaging performances by the two young leads.  Finally a Wes Anderson film which didn’t make me what to scream in frustration at the screen. Watch It.

Couch Screenings

Weekend – Great British drama about young love, which just happens to be between two men.  Watch It.

The Raid: Redemption – What The Expendables should have been.  Still makes me laugh that this was made by a lad from South Wales.  Watch It.

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen – Charming, enjoyable but instantly forgettable.  Watch It. 

Melancholia – Outstanding.  I will never look at the moon during the day in the same way again.  Kirsten Dunst delivers a career high performance, in Lars Von Trier’s tale of impending doom.  All Time Classic.

Kill List – Talking of impending doom, here is a film a really wish I had never watched.  A truly terrifying tale of two British hit men who get caught up a job that goes horrifyingly wrong.  This film stayed with me for days and not in a good way.  I simply cannot recommend this with a clear conscience so therefore Skip It (if you want to sleep at night ever again)

Frozen River – Melissa Leo stars in the interesting tale of doing what is necessary to survive.  In her case its smuggling people across the US/Canadian border using a car and a frozen lake.  Riveting stuff.  Watch It. 

Kill Bill Vol.2 – I like Vol.1 much better than Vol.2.  Still waiting to see them as one film as I suspect without the enforced gap Vol 2 would feel significantly better.  Skip It. 

Fight Club – Classic Fincher.  Is it bad that I prefer the first half over the second?  All Time Classic.

The Game – More classic Fincher.  Stands up incredibly well after 15 years or so.  Even thought I knew the end, it had me guessing and doubting myself again.  Highly Recommended.

Tinker Tailor Solider Spy – Have you ever noticed how little dialogue Gary Oldman actually has? I mean he has almost 10 mins of screen time before he utters a word.  However it is a masterclass in understatement.  Highly Recommended. 

The Hunger Games – First time rewatch on download and it still retains the dread and bewilderment of the big screen version.  The opening 15 mins or so, especially the pin drop silence during the reaping, remains one of the highlights of the year so far.  Highly Recommended.  

The Avengers – Also first time rewatch on download, but not quite as successful.  Watching it at home it seemed overly long and not as engrossing.  Maybe this film needs company?  However still lots of fun and Highly Recommended.

TV Shows

Breaking Bad – Finished off season three just in time to see the internet explode with posts and tweets about season 5.  Getting hold of season four has now become something of a priority.

2012 Score Sheet

Cinema Screenings – 36
Couch Screenings – 46
Total (new films) – 82
Re-watches – 36
2012 Total film count – 118
How about you guys, seen anything good?



And we’re back

So where was I?  Sorry about that everyone.  Bit of a strange few weeks, but now that I have full dexterity back in both hands there is nothing stopping me climbing back onto the blogging horse.  So where do we start, what did I miss?  Anything good?

Whilst I haven’t been able to type very much I have been enjoying reading the other blogs that I regularly subscribe to.  It was good to just sit back and read again for a while.  I really enjoyed both Andy Buckle’s  and Alex Thomas’s MIFF coverage, marvelled at Ryan over at 5 Word Movie Reviews edge towards day 250 in his truly epic movie marathon, managed to get myself onto the Reel Insight Wednesday’s Movie Mash Up Leaderboard, welcomed the return of Stevie Taylor at Cinematic Paradox and enjoyed listening to Ryan and Lindsay discuss the delights of the Step Up franchise over at the Matineecast. All in all it was a very informative few weeks.

I also managed to get a fair few films in which I will cover tomorrow in a full strength The Week That Was.

Its good to be back.  Cheers Will.