The Week (more like a month and a half) That Was 11 November – 31 December

As appears customary at the start of so many of my posts I must (again) apologise for the lack of updates recently.  Life has slowly overtaken me of late mainly due to my folks have arriving from the UK for an extended stay.  Whilst this has many upsides there are also two regrettable (and purely selfish on my part) downsides.  Firstly it has curtailed my at home viewing options to almost none and secondly left me precious little time to update my two blogs.

However, things have slowly levelled off recently as we have all got into something of a groove.  I have managed to get myself slightly more organised and streamlined which has meant the screening numbers have once again started on an upward curve.  This is timely as for a while there I was slightly worried that I wouldn’t make my 200 tally by the end of the year, but as it turned out I sailed by this total in mid December

So lets get into it then and here is the tale of the tape for the last month or so.  As always you can check out my full 2012 watch list here. I have only included brief thoughts on new films rather than rewatches. (more…)