A Question of Dates

As part of my Letterboxd addiction I have begun compiling my best of list for 2012.  Now herein lies the question.  Here in Australia we get movies slightly later than most, but just occasionally earlier (like The Avengers for instance).  Films like The Descendent’s and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for instance were all given January 2012 release dates here in Oz, so theoretically making them eligible for all 2012 lists.  However as they opened in the US and Europe in late 2011 they are officially categorised as 2011 films. Another example is Steve McQueen’s Shame, which was released in the US in December but not till March down under.  All three of these films would probably make a best of list, but for what year?  Therefore should a best of list be based on the official release date by the studio or on the date of release in the country the individual lives?  Thoughts anyone?

2 thoughts on “A Question of Dates

  1. It’s tough, I try to basically start around March 2012 for the 2012 movies, mainly because I don’t like having movies nominated in last year’s Oscar categories (Artist, Descendants, Shame). Not really a big difference though.

    • I agree, especially as looking at my ‘Best of 2012′ list most of the ones near the top have a (2011) next to them, just looks a bit wrong. Think I might stick with official release dates by the studios.

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