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Hullo all.  I’m Will, a life long film fan and wannabe film geek, but sadly lacking in the ‘human IMDB’ abilities some fellow bloggers seem to have. Luckily for me the internet has arrived which has made things much easier, having the IMDB app on my phone has had an extraordinary affect on my life.

I’m originally from the UK but now an official colonial commoner living down under in Canberra, the much-maligned capital of my new adopted country, Australia.  Canberra is not quite what I expected life in Australia to be, the nearest beach is two hours away and the city (well if you can call it that) actually reminds me a little bit of Milton Keynes back in England, but with less concrete cows and more kangaroos.  Importantly though it has an annual film festival and 3 cinemas within 10 minutes of my house.  That’ll do.

I have clear memories of  as a young 8 year old from South London, being taken by my father to watch The Empire Strikes Back at my local Cannon cinema in 1980 and simply being blown away.  Not just by the film, but by the whole shared ‘cinema experience’.   I was pretty much hooked from thereon in.  What followed was a childhood existence spent mainly in the dark in screen 2, sat low in a deep red chair watching ‘Saturday Morning Pictures’ and figuring out how to sneak into the afternoon screenings of The Goonies or such like.

My early working life involved the same said cinema: selling and tearing tickets, carrying the ice cream tray down the front, and for a little while, even flirting with the assistant manager position (admit it you’re impressed).  This utopian existence lasted for a few precious years until UCI opened a 6 screen multiplex down the road and took away all our customers. If they hadn’t done that, I’d probably still be there now.  Anyway, what’s done is done, including the cinema.  It’s not there anymore, its a night club instead.

Getting back to the point…..to me truly great cinema is about a film provoking an emotional response.  People want to ‘escape to the movies’ and go there looking to be propelled into another world, where for 2 hours or so they can escape the occasionally draining and hum-drum aspects of day-to-day life and laugh, cry, get angry with or just observe and experience this other world playing out in front of them.  Cinema is not simply entertainment for 2 hours; it is a lot more than that to a lot of people.  Sometimes I think directors/studios forget what an important part of day-to-day life cinema is, which is why people feel so cheated when a film is made simply by numbers, or indeed Michael Bay.

I am no critic (no really…) and often miss really quite crucial plot points, but I tend to see the positive points in movies prior to seeing the negatives.  Sometimes I think we can over analyse a film perhaps actively seeking out the flaws rather than looking for the good.  This blog therefore is to be a celebration of all things positive in movies.  I cannot promise pithy, humorous or even readable reviews or posts, but I can promise that I will try and be positive.



8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great story mate, cinema is amazing and I love how it can engage so many and evoke so many emotions! Will be following your blog closely 🙂

    • Hey Alex, thanks a lot for your message and stopping by, much appreciated. Good luck with your site too, you seem to be off to a really good start, I have added it to my reader.

      • Dear AnonymousI disagree with you. I believe that a lawyer has to tune himself to the forum before which he appears. For instance, the 'tricks of the trade' in SC differ from that of the lower courts. The requisite approach will vary from one Court to another. Further, from a practical perspective, this statement re-affirms the Realist School of Thought.regards

  2. Hello Friend, I just read your (whole) about me, ‘Blog’. I can really relate to -‘over analyses on the Cinerama talk shows’ ETC. And pulling them upside down, inner n’ outer’ looking for whatever is thought to provoke. Kinda like selling “Dirty Laundry” not to be mixed up with any movie name? I began loving the cinema, at a early age, kicking and screaming “I’m going to hate this Movie “Mom”.. Then only to come out crying, “I love that Movie”between sob’s.. And that was the ‘Sound of Music’ what a Great Film to cut my teeth at 11 years old! Thank You, Alex, your new mate’ Peter

  3. Thank you for following. I look forward to reading your reviews. I, too, enjoy focusing on the positive rather than convince you why it ‘s bad although I am glad you don’t care for Bay. 😉

    • Hi Cindy – would love to! There is an email subscription widget, but will also look at some other options – do you have any recommendations?

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