Film School 2.0: Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures

Welcome back to lesson two of Film School 2.0, a semi-regular feature chronicling the film education of my two aspiring film nerds: Miss J (7) and Miss S (10).  More details about the girls can be found in their introductions post.

We are loosely following the superb 101 Movies to Watch Before You Grow Up, but also branch out to cover some of the newer releases that capture their imagination.  How it works is that we watch a film together, after which I ask them a few questions about what they have seen.  The conversations range from a couple of minutes to half hour discussions, so the answers below tend to be more a summary of their overall thoughts, rather than a full transcript, as that would often run for pages and pages.

In this lesson, Miss S (10) watched Hidden Figures. (more…)

Film School 2.0: Introductions

Film School 2.0

The prescribed text for Film School

Welcome to Film School 2.0, a regular feature which aims to chronicle the film education of my two girls Miss S (10) and Miss J (7).

They are pretty experienced little cinephiles, regular cinema patrons and most weekends you’ll find us on the couch for ‘#Friday (or Saturday) Night Film Club’, working our way through the excellent ‘101 Movies To See Before You Grow Up’. So far we have almost half of them ticked off, though I am not sure how I am supposed to get either of them interested in seeing #98 Lincoln. (more…)