New Films In The ACT

The Canberra International Film Festival is in full swing with strong crowds enjoying a wide variety of different films.  The Festival  culminates this weekend with another strong programme including Rust and Bone, Smashed, The Impostor, Room 237, The Loneliest Planet and Save Yer Legs. If you are in Canberra or the region than I would strongly recommend trying out at least one screening at CIFF as it is a real experience and not to be missed.

But for those not in a festive mood there is plenty on offer elsewhere this week, such as:-

The Master – This hugely devise Paul Thomas Anderson film finally makes it to the ACT.  But be warned, it is certainly not for everyone. I almost certainly will not get round to this, so I recommend reading Andy Buckle’s thoughts over at The Film Emporium.   Playing at Manuka and Dendy

The Sessions – A man with an iron lung intent on losing his virginity contacts a professional sex surrogate in order to fulfil his dream.  By all accounts this is both a moving and inspiring film.  Playing at Manuka

Seven Psychopaths – You know what film this is which is apparently best seen with as little previous knowledge as possible.  Playing at Dendy and Hoyts

Alex Cross – The reboot of the detective Alex Cross books written by James Patterson. I used to be a big fan of the books and didn’t mind that original films, but this is supposed to be shocking. However I will probably still give it a go, but probably on rental.  Playing at Hoyts.

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