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So it’s been a while……but anyway, back to business and as the sun has set on another year, welcome to a special 2015 edition of Screen Time where I look back at 2015 and see where all the time went. I thought it might be interesting to have a look at some of my viewing stats from the past year which have been compiled from a combination of my own records and the good folks over at Letterboxd, which if you haven’t checked out then you should, as it’s a must for any lover of film.


While 2015 was my second lowest year for screenings since I started this blog, I still came in at a pretty respectable 215, which considering the year, you’ve got to love the symmetry.

These 215 breakdown as follows:

New Films

Cinema Screenings – 72 (down one from last year)

Couch Screenings – 58 (down 36 from last year)

Total New Films – 130 (down 37 from last year)

Rewatches – 85 (up two from last year)

Total 2015 – 215 (down 35 from last year)

According to Letterboxd, I spent 405.2 hours watching films last year, which seems like an awful lot.  But it is easier to justify when listed as 18 a month or four a week, but then again I not sure that makes it any better…..Overall though I am reasonably pleased by these stats, in particular the new film to rewatches ratio, which is still fairly healthy.  This year I have started to try and plan my screening schedule a little more in advance as I find this helps keep me focussed and stops me, at the end of a long day, reaching for something trusted. This is something I keen to continue in 2016.  My full 2015 watch list can be found here.


This years most watched director is a tie between Steven Spielberg and James Cameron with five films a piece.  This is indicative of Friday Night Film Club with the girls having a real Spielberg feel this year, plus my reading of Rebecca Keegan’s book ‘The Futurist: The Life and Films of James Cameron’, during which I rewatched most of Cameron’s films. These two giants are followed by three more, namely Robert Zemeckis, George Lucas and George Miller all with four films each.  This I put down to Back to the Future Day in October, Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December and Mad Max: Fury Road in May, all of which needed a little homework completing.


It turns out that Tom Cruise was my most watched actor with a mighty 11 films, five of these I can safely put against the Mission Impossible franchise, but the other seven were from his back catalogue, fuelled again by another book I am reading: Amy Nicholson’s, ‘Anatomy of an Actor’ study on Tom Cruise.  I am big fan of Cruise, who’s overall impact (both acting and more recently producing) on modern day cinema is, I think, sometimes overlooked and occasionally dismissed or diminished because of issues off screen.  While he may not have the range of other actors, his passion for film is like no other and has been the driving force behind a number of the most enjoyable (not best….) films being produced over the last 30 years or so.

But anyway, off my soapbox.  After Cruise, Samuel L Jackson grabs second place with eight films (I have no idea how these stacked up), followed by Ving Rhymes (MI again) and quite surprisingly Bill Hader, both on six a piece.

Disappointingly, not a single name on either my most watched directors or actors is female.  While I can lay some of the blame for this elsewhere, I alone control my viewing choices and 2015 was one of the most improved years in history for strong female leads and female directors, therefore this is clearly an area for improvement in 2016.


I think my biggest regret of the year was the paltry number of reviews that I managed to get up on the site – just two, a shamefully low figure. With a busy day job and home life I have often found myself in the position of having to choose between watching films or writing about films. A no-brainer I know, however I am trying to figure out a way of being more consistent and finding a regular voice, though I feel like I have been saying that for a while now, but please bear with me.  I tend to do more on twitter these days, so for some very short and pithy reviews, then check me out at @MovieMalone.

The lucky two were:


Ricki and the Flash 

I have a number of reviews in draft and also the outline for a series of articles on my own cinematic history which will examine how my passion for cinema arose in the late 70s, peaked in the 80s, dipped significantly in the 90s and naughties, before making a triumphant comeback in the 10s. I am hopeful of getting these finished soon, so stay tuned for more.

Best of 2015 List 

I am also working on a best of 2015 post, to go along with the myriad of others out there, but I am holding it back a little while in order to see some of the major 2015 releases that haven’t made it to Australian screens yet, as I tend to go by Oscar eligibility rather than Australian release date.  I am hoping to get this up before the Oscars are handed out.

Cinematic Highlight of 2015

I think this has to go to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which I have now seen three times in cinemas.  While the midnight screening at Dendy was exceptional, though tiring, fun, the second and third screenings were arguably more enjoyable as all the tension and anxiety that I carried into that first screening was now, thankfully, absent, so I could just sit back and enjoy the ride. Also I got to finish what my father started back in 1977, by taking my two girls to a new Star Wars film, a parental moment that will live long in our memories.

Thank You

And finally, a quick thank you to everyone who has stopped by this site or my Twitter account, and read or shared any of my content. Your readership is hugely appreciated and means a great deal to me. Thank you.

Thanks again and see you on the other side.

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    • Thanks, its been a fascinating piece to research. I have my origin story all ready to go, but I am keen to have all of the sections lined up so they can be published or at least scheduled to go over a 4 week period. I will get there, but it may take a while…..

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