New Films in Canberra

Quite a big week for new releases with four new films opening in the territory.

Safety Not Guaranteed – Fresh off getting a standing ovation at Sundance and other film festivals, this mixture of science fiction, fantasy and relationships finally lands in Canberra.  This has been on my radar all summer and clearly my film of the week. Check it out playing at Manuka.

To Rome With Love – Woody Allen’s European adventure continues. Whilst not reaching the heights of Midnight in Paris it has still received from good reviews.  I’ll be checking it out at Dendy.

Savages – Oliver Stone’e latest has split some critics, with most complaining of a poor final reel.  I am tempted though so will almost certainly still check it out.  Playing at Hoyts and Dendy.

Paranormal Activity 4 – Still can’t quite believe how well this franchise is doing.  I have seen the first but not any of the sequels, so will probably give this one a miss.  You can check out a full review by Alex of at Time For A Film who has been on a bit of a paranormal streak over recent days.  Playing at Hoyts.

What new films are you looking forward to this week?


Looking Ahead

Welcome to our regular Monday morning look at what I hope to watch this week. The main releases this week here in Australia are Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Cosmopolis, Step Up: Miami Heat, Jackpot and Beauty.   What is it with the colons this week?

Here is what I hope to be watching this week:


This seems to have divided a lot of bloggers and critics.  I am not the biggest DC fan, but I am intrigued by the premise.


Will this be the latest success story to come out of Scandinavia?

Take This Waltz

Going back for a second viewing as I am keen to write a review on this thought provoking film which will hopefully go up on Wednesday.

The Weekend

Heard some very good things about this.

The Story go Film: An Odyssey

One of the main reasons for starting this blog was to educate myself on the history of cinema.  From what I hear, this is the place to start, it also has a colon in the title.  Mind you it is 15 hours long, so it may take a while.

Don’t forget to check back on Sunday to see how I did.  Have a good week.

Looking Ahead…..

Welcome to our weekly look at what I hope to watch this week.  This is no ordinary week though as it will be dominated by the release of The Dark Knight Rises which I have already got my tickets for.  As part of the build up I plan to watch both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight which my local Hoyts are screening on Wednesday night.  Looking forward to that very much.  Outside of the Caped Crusader I also hope to get in a couple of others as well.  So here is what I hope to be watching this week:-

Batman Begins


The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight Rises


The Artist


What about you guys?  How’s your week looking?



Looking Ahead….

Welcome to our regular (but slightly late this week) look at what films I hope to be watching this week.  I will need to get going early this week as we are off to Sydney at the weekend which means Friday and Saturday nights are out.  Therefore I have restricted myself to only three flicks this week, which are:-

The Amazing Spiderman




Kill List


So how about you guys, how’s your week looking?





Looking Ahead….

Welcome to the regular Monday look at which films I hope to watch this week. Three months into this blog and I seem to have settled into a pattern of watching four films a week and also trying to post at least one review a week, normally on a Wednesday.  Whilst this is just about achievable for me, it is still pretty paultry in comparison to some of my fellow bloggers out there, I just don’t know where you guys find the time.

So, this what I hope to be watching this week:-





The Grey




So how about you guys?  How’s your week looking?