Looking Ahead….

Welcome to our weekly Monday morning (well Tuesday this week…) look ahead and what I hope to watch this week.

So this week I will be mostly watching…….

Like Crazy – I am determined to tick this off the list this week 


Friends With Kids – I’ll only catch this if I can get to a cheap screenings, I suspect its not worth full price

Goon – Heard some good things about this.  Let’s see how Stifler faces off.

Alien – After the joy of Prometheus, its time to re-watch Alien after 20 years away. 

Four appears to be a good and pretty achievable number to aim at, but I do have a few social nights out this week, so as always come Sunday we will see how I did.  I am also aiming to get one review up mid-week.

How about you guys, what’s your plans this week?



Looking Ahead…

I thought I might start a regular Monday post looking ahead to what I hope to watch this week.  Hopefully this will make me lock in a few screenings and I can hold myself a little bit more accountable when writing ‘The Week That Was’ post on Sundays.

So this week, I will be mostly watching…….

The Way (2010)

I have been meaning to check this out for weeks and weeks and it is still on at a local cinema.  I was really impressed with the trailer and quite intrigued to see how the Emilio gets on directing his Dad.

Like Crazy (2011)

I am a real sucker for the Before Sunrise/Sunset films and this looks like it is cut from the same cloth.  I was also very impressed by Felicity Jones in Cemetery Junction, but luckily managed to avoid Chalet Girl….

Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)

I have managed to avoid knowing very much about this, so much so that I haven’t even seen this trailer.  But from the limited information I have picked up, it seems well worth the wait.

And if I can manage to get tickets…….

Ghostbusters (1984)

Which is playing for one night only at a local cinema. I have really fond memories of as a 12 year old seeing this the first time round.  I think it was probably also my first time seeing Bill Murray in a film and have been a huge fan ever since.

So thats it, four films should be a pretty easy fit into this week, but we will see come Sunday.

How’s your week looking?