New Films In The ACT


A big week ahead in the ACT as the Canberra International Film Festival kicks off with a plethora of great films across three different venues all screening over the next 10 days or so.  I have a pretty hectic festival schedule taking in 20 flicks and you can see the full details here.  If any bloggers are heading to Canberra and fancy meeting up then drop me a line.  Details in the contact section above.

If nothing takes your fancy at the festival then the following are all opening in the ACT this week:-

Bachelorette – Some say this is better than Bridesmaids, see what Sam over at An Online Universe thinks. Playing at Hoyts.

End Of Watch– David Ayer the writer of Training Day and Fast and Furious takes the helm of this gritty drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peria as two hotshot cops who go up against the local cartel. Playing at Hoyts.

Housos v Authority  – I am so sick of seeing this trailer which seems to be playing in in front of every film I sit down for.  Apparently this is a satirical look at residents of an Australian Housing Commission project.  Not sure I have been in Australia long enough to get this, even if that does make me un-Australian.  Playing at Hoyts (where else….)

You Will Be My Son – A French tale of family, friendship and conflict all wrapped in a vineyard.  Don’t know too much about this one, but the trailer looks interesting.  Not sure I will get round to it though.  Playing at Manuka.

New Films In The ACT



Another cracking week for new releases here in the nations capital, of which three could be genuine Oscar contenders.  So for your viewing please I give you:-


Argo – Ben Affleck’s tense thriller about the 1979 American Tehran Embassy crisis. I haven’t heard a single bad review so far.  I’m off to see it this morning. Catch it at every cinema in the ACT.

Dredd 3D – Second time round for the Dredd franchise, from all reports this is much better than Stallone’s version.  But be prepared for a some blood and guts. Catch it at Dendy and Hoyts.

Frankenweenie – From all accounts Tim Burton is back on form in this animated tale of a young lad who reanimates his pets. Catch it at Dendy and Hoyts.

Intouchables – The french language drama which has taken the world by storm of late.  Catch it at Manuka.


With such a strong list it was tough to pick a film of the week, but after careful consideration it went to:-