New Releases: 15 November 2012

Now that the Canberra International Film Festival juggernaut has left town, it is time to return to our regular programming. Not a huge amount opening this week here in Canberra, no doubt as everyone is running scared of the might of the twiglet.

So for your viewing pleasure, I give you:-

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 – Saga is definitely the right word to describe this watchable but ultimately spotty franchise.  Credit must be given to Alex over at Time For a Film who braved ridicule and went to a midnight showing. You can read his review here.  Playing everywhere (you can’t escape it).

Robot and Frank – Originally played at CIFF and now given its own run at Dendy.  By all accounts an engrossing tale of a retired jewel thief given a robot to keep him company around the house.  Sam from An Online Universe was quite taken by it and you can read her review here.

There is still a huge amount of film goodness on our screens that I need to catch up with.  This is what I am currently missing:-

The Master – This hugely devise Paul Thomas Anderson film finally makes it to the ACT.  But be warned, it is certainly not for everyone. I almost certainly will not get round to this, so I recommend reading Cam William’s thoughts over at The Popcorn Junkie.   Playing at Manuka and Dendy

The Sessions – A man with an iron lung intent on losing his virginity contacts a professional sex surrogate in order to fulfil his dream.  By all accounts this is both a moving and inspiring film.  Playing at Manuka

Seven Psychopaths – You know what film this is which is apparently best seen with as little previous knowledge as possible.  Playing at Dendy and Hoyts

Alex Cross – The reboot of the detective Alex Cross books written by James Patterson. I used to be a big fan of the books and didn’t mind that original films, but this is supposed to be shocking. However I will probably still give it a go, but probably on rental.  Playing at Hoyts.

Bachelorette – Some say this is better than Bridesmaids. Playing at Hoyts.

End Of Watch– David Ayer the writer of Training Day and Fast and Furious takes the helm of this gritty drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peria as two hotshot cops who go up against the local cartel. Playing at Hoyts.

Housos v Authority  – I am so sick of seeing this trailer which seems to be playing in in front of every film I sit down for.  Apparently this is a satirical look at residents of an Australian Housing Commission project.  Not sure I have been in Australia long enough to get this, even if that does make me un-Australian.  Playing at Hoyts

You Will Be My Son – A French tale of family, friendship and conflict all wrapped in a vineyard.  Don’t know too much about this one, but the trailer looks interesting.  Not sure I will get round to it though.  Playing at Manuka.