The Canberra Film Diary: 5 – 11 December 2013


Welcome to the latest edition of The Canberra Film Diary, your one stop shop for all notable cinematic screenings within the ACT.  For details on specific cinemas, check out the Canberra Page.


Lots to look forward to this week, including a short film festival, some education from James Bond and the second half of a Tom Cruise double to enjoy. Here are this week’s highlights:

Tropfest  – Sunday, 8pm, Exhibition Park.

Tropfest is both Australia’s most prestigious and the world’s largest short film festival.  It takes place in Sydney’s Centennial Park with live feeds to state capitals, including Canberra.  The event will screen the 16 finalists from over 700 entries and also include live music, entertainment, bars and food.   Should be a cracking night out.   Click here for more details.

One Life – Monday + Tuesday, Palace & Dendy

See BBC Earth’s fascinating exploration of life and survival in the animal kingdom on the big screen and narrated by the one and only Daniel Craig.  Promises to be both beautiful and educational.

Philomena – Wednesday, Dendy (Club Dendy screening)

Fresh from the British Film Festival, Philomena, is a tale of a mother (Judi Dench) who with the help of a BBC journalist, attempts to track down her son who was taken away from her decades before.  Having received rave reviews, it’s not opening here till Boxing Day, so grab this chance to see it before the Christmas rush.

Honourable Mentions

Days Of Thunder – Sunday, Limelight

One of last week’s highlights was the Sunset Cinema screening of Top Gun.  This week, Limelight gives you the opportunity to watch Top Gun with cars, which is effectively what Days of Thunder is.  Nowhere near as good, but still a huge amount of fun. Remember, rubbing is just part of racing. ★★★

Major Releases

Enders Game – The latest of this years science fiction adaptions touches down, starring Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield. Screening Everywhere.

Kill Your Darlings – They say all the best poetry comes from pain and love; well this tale of the origins of the beat poets has plenty of both.  Didn’t quite do it for me at CIFF, but still worth checking out.  Screening at Dendy and Palace. ★★★

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 – The long awaited follow up to one of the most original and bonkers animated films in years has finally arrived and it’s been worth the wait.  Cross Jurassic Park with food and you’ll get the picture.  Screening everywhere. ★★★★

Delivery Man – The latest Vince Vaughn vehicle arrives and is the tale of affable underachiever who discovers he has fathered over 500 children through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago.  Screening Hoyts, Dendy and Limelight.

Night Train To Lisbon – Another CIFF alumni gets a wider release. I missed this one at the festival, but it sold out which tells you something about this adaption of Pierre Mercier’s bestselling novel. Screening at Palace and GRU.

The Spectacular Now – I missed this during last weeks previews, but I remain very intrigued to see this tale of high school romance from the director of Smashed and the writers of (500) Days Of Summer, two of the best films of recent years. Screening exclusively at Palace.

Closed Circuit  – Straight from the recent British Film Festival and now finally into a full run, Eric Bana stars in a slightly stilted tale of legal ramifications in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in London.  A promising premise, but ultimately unsatisfying.  Screening exclusively at Palace. ★★

Other Notable Screenings

5 Dec  – Sunset Cinema – Prisoners

5 Dec – ARC – The Pevert’s Guide to Ideology

6 Dec – Sunset Cinema – The Smurfs 2

7 Dec – Sunset Cinema – Captain Phillips

7 Dec – ARC – Patrick

7 Dec – ARC – The Pevert’s Guide to Ideology

7 Dec – Palace GFF – The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas

8 Dec – ARC – Fallout

8 Dec – ARC – Koolhaus Houselife + Phillip Johnson

8 Dec – Palace Vintage – Pretty Woman

8 Dec – Limelight – Days Of Thunder

8 Dec – TropFest

8 Dec – Palace GFF – Greek-Australian Short Film Festival

11 Dec – Sunset Cinema – We’re The Millers

11 Dec – Club Dendy – Philomena

11 Dec – Palace GFF – Love in the End

So that’s it, another bumper week of cinematic goodness.  Let me in the comments what you plan on seeing. Have a good week.