Screen Time: 2014 – A Year in Numbers


So it’s been a while……but anyway, back to business and welcome to a special 2014 edition of Screen Time which rather than looking at what I have watched since my last update (almost three months ago now – I know, I know), I thought it might be interesting to have a look at some of my viewing stats from the past year. These stats have been compiled from a combination of my own records and the good folks over at Letterboxd, which if you haven’t checked it out then you should, as it’s a must for any lover of film. (more…)

The Combined Strengths of Gone Girl

Gone Girl

The release of Gone Girl, David Fincher’s chilling adaption of Gillian Flynn’s massively popular novel, feels like a significant moment in cinema this year. Rather than reviewing it, I thought I’d look at how Gone Girl was anticipated, experienced and then subsequently reviewed. I think there have been unique aspects in all these areas, which when combined produces not only one of the year’s best thrillers, but also a timely reminder of the magic that cinema can sometimes produce. (more…)

Gone Girl – 2nd Trailer

Gone Girl

David Fincher has always been one of favourite directors.  His filmography is littered with classics such as Fight Club, Se7en and The Social Network to name but three.  He has a gritty visual style and an ability to suck the viewer into the heart of the narrative which makes each of his films a truly immersive experience. Therefore I have followed the development of his latest project, Gone Girl, closely. The story, adapted by Gillian Flynn from her own best-selling novel, about a missing wife who leaves behind a flawed husband who seems to attract suspicion, appears to be slap bang in the middle of Fincher’s wheelhouse.

As soon as I heard Fincher was attached to the project I was keen to track the book down and read what was coming.  The book was hugely satisfying and intensified my anticipation of the film.  I was particularly taken by the lead character of Nick Dunne, who was an everyman, an average Joe who made mistakes and had flaws which were worryingly easy to identify with.  I have slight reservations that Ben Affleck may be potentially too ‘big’ for the role and that the relatable, everyman, aspect of Nick may be lost in Affleck’s persona, but it is way too early pass any judgement on this.

My main thought as I finished the book was a nagging doubt about how the more inward looking third act might transfer to the screen.  However, I have been encouraged and really quite intrigued to read that Flynn has completely rewritten the third act for the screenplay.  This is fascinating and I can’t wait to see what direction she has gone.

Anyway, this is a long-winded way of highlighting that the second trailer for Gone Girl has dropped this week, check it out below.  Gone Girl itself arrives on a screen near you in early October 2014.