The Week That Was 9 – 23 September

Ok, so I admit I am being a little slack of late, but welcome to another double strength The Week That Was.  Sadly though it is still quite a light read as the Malone household took themselves off for a bit of an Aussie road trip driving from Canberra across country to the wine region of the Barossa Valley, with a quick stop at Adelaide in South Australia.  It was a great trip and our young girls did well being cooped up in the car for just under 3000 ks, mainly as they were  suitably entertained by an iPad mounted between the seats (therefore out of reach of sticky fingers) and loaded with Pixar goodness.  So whilst I haven’t seen a huge amount of late, I have listened to awful lot of colourful cartoon creatures.  I did manage to tick something off the bucket list though.

So here is the tale of the tape from the last two weeks.  As always you can check out my full 2012 watch list here:-

Cinema Screenings

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted – The girls and I watched this in a drive in movie theatre, so ticking off a life long ambition.  Just a shame it was with this film.  Pretty standard fare. Skip It (unless you are a little person).

Your Sister’s Sister – Lynn Shelton’s comedy drama about love, relationships and loss.  Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass and Rosemarie DeWitt all deliver cracking performances in this engaging, tightly scripted and beautifully shot tale.   Another film from which I have come out of thinking that Emily Blunt is simply the nicest person in the world.  Watch It.

Ruby Sparks  – Paul Dano stars alongside Zoe Kazan in this touching romantic fantasy about a struggling novelist who creates his perfect soul-mate first through his writing and then in real life  Think Weird Science meets Lars and the Real Girl and you are on the right track.  Great fun, but slightly darker than I expected.  Watch It.

Couch Screenings

Indie Game: The Movie – A documentary that follows the journeys of indie game developers as they create games and release those works, and themselves, to the world. Even though I am not much of a gamer this was fascinating stuff, so much so that I found myself googling the developers once the credits rolled, just to check they were ok.   Watch It.

Lockout – Guy Pearce channels his inner Bruce Willis to good effect and appears to be having a great time along the way in this hugely enjoyable cross between Die Hard in space and the Last Boy Scout.  Check out the full review here . Highly Recommended.

Any Questions For Ben  – An Australian tale of a twenty something marketing executive who appears to have something of an early midlife crisis.  Whilst entertaining for the most part it is let down by a clichéd riddled script, undeveloped characters and an ill though through final reel. Australian cinema can do much better than this.  Skip It.

TV Shows

Peep Show – Really enjoyed this British comedy about two flat mates in South London.  Powered through season 1-6 in record time, helped along by only 6 episodes per season each, with a 24 minute running time.  Highly Recommended.

2012 Score Sheet

Cinema Screenings – 39
Couch Screenings – 43
Total (new films) – 91
Re-watches – 38
2012 Total film count – 129
How about you guys, seen anything good?

Lockout (2012)

  • Director – James Mather and Stephen St Leger
  • Starring – Guy Pearce, Maggie Grace and lots of others that I won’t spoil…
  • Written – James Mather, Stephen St Leger and Luc Besson
  • Year – 2012
  • Running Time – 96 mins

Die Hard in Space 

Ok, so lets begin with the plot, as much as it is.  It is the year 2079 and criminals from all nationalities (however still under the watchful eye of the USA) are now being locked up in space on board vessels such as Maximum Security 1 (M.S.1).  The most serious criminals are kept in stasis for the length of their sentence. For some inexplicable reason the US Secret Service lets the President’s daughter  Emilie Warnock (Maggie Grace) visit M.S.1 as part of a research project into the potential adverse affects of stasis.  During her visit the prisoners escape and she gets Taken (see what I did there…..) hostage.  In swoops Guy Pearce, a CIA agent who has been wrongly accused of espionage and given the opportunity to break into M.S.1, free Ms Warnock and clear his name all in one fowl swoop. Game on.


Looking Ahead….

Welcome to the regular Monday look at which films I hope to watch this week. Three months into this blog and I seem to have settled into a pattern of watching four films a week and also trying to post at least one review a week, normally on a Wednesday.  Whilst this is just about achievable for me, it is still pretty paultry in comparison to some of my fellow bloggers out there, I just don’t know where you guys find the time.

So, this what I hope to be watching this week:-





The Grey




So how about you guys?  How’s your week looking?