Mad for it.

For a brief couple of years, Oasis defined the music of the mid 1990s. Arrogance, swagger and controversy were constant companions, but their music struck such a chord within the UK and beyond, that for a while, they were simply untouchable.

Supersonic turns the spotlight on these early years, from their first single in 1994 to culminating in arguably their pinnacle moment: the 1996 sell-out shows at Knebworth, where they played to over 250,000 fans. This was a key moment in the band’s career, as for once, a flicker of self-doubt crept in – could they really sell out such an iconic venue, twice?  In the end, two and a half million people, almost 4% of the UK population, applied for tickets and if they had wanted to, Oasis could have played sold out shows for a week. (more…)

The Week That Was 10 June – 17 June

A good week screening wise, not a huge amount, only three films but I really enjoyed what I saw.  I also got to visit a new cinema which I always like.  This week found me in a new town on a work trip and I have a bit of a tradition when visiting a new place, I check out a local bar and the  local picture house.  Both were really quite quaint, had unreserved seating and old fashioned curtains with various up and down lighters.  Both felt really quite homely.

So, here is the tale of tape this week. As always you can check out my full 2012 watch list here:-

Cinema Screenings

Rock of Ages – I thought this film rocked, but I appear to be very much in the minority.  It was cringeworthy awful at times, but still somehow managed to be a lot of fun.  And you know what, Tom Cruise is not as bad as you would think.  Check out the full review here. Highly recommended.

Couch Screenings

Se7en – Fincher’s epic from 1995.  First time I have watched this in a number of years.  I had forgotten how good it really is.  Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey are all stand out excellent. Highly recommended.

Senna – How this got overlooked for last years Oscars is still beyond me.  It didn’t even make the long list.  A truly engrossing film detailing the life and death of Ayrton Senna.  Highly recommended. 

2012 Score Sheet

Cinema Screenings – 19
Couch Screenings – 25
Total (new films) – 43
Re-watches – 18
2012 Total film count – 61
How about you guys, how’s your week been?