Screen Time: January 2016


Welcome to the first edition of Screen Time for 2016, which is a round-up of the films and television shows I have seen on all types of screens over the preceding month split down into the following areas:

  • Highlights:  What has stood out for me this month.
  • Lowlights:  What has stood out for all the wrong reasons.
  • Cinema Screenings:  First time watches I have seen in the cinema.
  • Couch Screenings:  First time watches at home.
  • Rewatches:  Any rewatches, either in the cinema, at home or on the move.
  • TV Shows:  Any TV shows I’m currently bingeing on.
  • Score Sheet:  The tallies for the year, so far.

So without further ado, here is how January shook down.


Shelter (2015)

  • Director – Paul Bettany
  • Starring – Jennifer Connelly & Anthony Mackie
  • Writer – Paul Bettany
  • Year – 2015
  • Running Time – 105 minutes

 Shelter JC

The final title card of Shelter, Paul Bettany’s first foray as a writer/director, dedicates the film ‘for the couple which lived outside of my building’. The couple disappeared after Hurricane Sandy and to this day, neither Bettany nor his wife and star of Shelter, Jennifer Connelly, know what became of them. This card sets the scene for what is to come, a powerful though at times problematic, tale of love, dignity, and survival on the streets of New York.