My Cinematic History: The Origin Story


What was the first film you ever saw at the cinema, is a question often posed in cinematic conversations? For a long time I was always proud that my answer was 1980’s ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, one of the most critically and pop culturally relevant films of my lifetime.

I have vivid memories of as an eight year old, being hunkered down in the dark of Screen Two at my local Canon cinema back in the UK, watching the AT ATs attacking the rebel base on Hoth, all while my Dad slept soundly in the seat next to me. This scene was seared into my imagination (the AT ATs, not my Dad’s snoring) and was then lovingly recreated in thick crayon into the pages of an old 1980s schoolbook the following Monday morning during topic talk.  With this being my first exposure to cinema, how could I not become the half-arsed cinephile that I grew up to be. (more…)