45 Years (2015)

  • Director – Andrew Haigh
  • Starring – Charlotte Rampling, Tom Courtney
  • Writer – David Constantine (short story ‘In Another Country’) and Andrew Haigh (adaption)
  • Year – 2015
  • Running Time – 95 mins

45 Years Letter

We all have shoeboxes stuffed away in the attic or tucked into the back of a draw which contain the memories of relationships gone by; letters, trinkets, ticket stubs and such like.  These shoeboxes of life, as the Bare Naked Ladies called them, are important as although the relationships may have ended this doesn’t invalidate the experiences shared or the time spent together.  Previous relationships are part of our DNA and have played a key role in leading us to where we are today.  However while we shouldn’t forget or ignore them, we would do well to be mindful that they can, at times, be confronting to others and potentially damaging to our own status quo.