The Week that Was – 13 – 22 April 2012

Welcome to the week that was, the first of what I hope will be a regular Sunday night (Canberra time) post covering the films that have crossed my bow over the previous 7 days.  This first post actually covers the first 10 days of this little old blog so has a slightly larger number of films than a normal week.  The watch count was also artifically boosted as I was struck down by a bout of tonsillitis, which whilst impeding my speaking, eating and drinking abilities, it did give me a chance to tick some films off my watch list. So silver lining and all that.

So here’s what we have:-

Cinema Screenings

Dr Seuss, The Lorax – A strong environmental and political message, wrapped up in a delightful tale of saving the trees.  My two girls (pretty much the target audience) were captivated and there was plenty to keep Mum and Dad happy.

Couch Screenings

50/50 – Still pondering this wonderful film, a full 10 days after watching it.  Check out the full review here.

Fright Night (2011) – I was sucked into watching this after listening to an old podcast by Ryan over at The Matinee.  Whilst it had some fun moments, it was largely nondescript, pretty much like the 1985 original.  Colin Farrell had a ‘I can’t believe I am being paid for this’ smirk on his face the whole way through and neither could I to be honest.

Into the Abyss – Werner Herzog’s documentary on a Texas death row inmate.  An interesting watch, but I am still slightly unsure on what was the ultimate point Herzog was trying to get across.

Ides of March – Second viewing which underscored how good this film really is.  Reminded me of a slightly extended episode of The West Wing and had me reaching for the ‘skip to next episode’ button as the credits rolled.

Midnight in Paris – Woody Allen’s delightful literary tale of love in different times in Paris.  Check out the full review here.

Take Shelter – Stormy weather indeed.


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