The Week That Was 3 June – 10 June

Another busy week has come to a close and I am beginning to realise something.  Whilst this blog has inspired me to to watch more movies, I am finding that with work, family and an increased movie watching schedule, this leaves me pretty limited time to actually write about the movies that I watch, which kind of defeats the purpose of the blog.  However I am not disheartened by this, as even I I simply post just once a week via The Week That Was feature, that is better than nothing.  I have a lot of reviews in half-baked drafts at the moment which I am sure will make their way to the blog at some point.

So with that in mind, here is the tale of tape this week. As always you can check out my full 2012 watch list here:-

Cinema Screenings

Prometheus 3-D – Has there been a more anticipated film so far this year?  I think the anticipation for Prometheus even beats The Avengers.  Ridley Scott lives up to the hype and delivers an epic piece of film making, let down slightly by the in-your face script and a rushed final reel, but still a fabulous piece of film making. Highly Recommended

Prometheus 2-D – Ridley Scott said in a recent radio interview that the 2D print was glorious and he wasn’t wrong.  The script also made a lot more sense second time round.  Highly Recommended

Get The Gringo – When faced with controversy, revert to what you know.  Mel Gibson returns to his roots in this Martin Riggs style prison drama, which delivers a refreshing return to form for Gibson.  Watch It

Couch Screenings

The WhistleBlower – Rachel Weisz stars in this true life tale of Kathryn Bolkovac, a Nebraska cop who served in the UN Peace Keeping Mission to Bosnia and outed members of the Mission involved in sex trafficking.  An impressive performance by Weisz in a slightly rushed film.  Skip it

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World – A stunning piece of pop culture penned by Edgar Wright, starring Michael Cera amongst others.   Highly Recommended

2012 Score Sheet

Cinema Screenings – 18
Couch Screenings – 25
Total (new films) – 42
Re-watches – 16
2012 Total film count – 58
How about you guys, how’s your week been?



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