The Week That Was 6 May – 13 May

Once again a pretty slack week.  I appear to be going through something of a slump.  Whilst my movie motivation remains high, I am just not getting in the usual number of movies which I would tick off in a normal week, therefore my watch-list appears to be growing longer each day.  In my defence my weekend was totally taken out by a trip to Sydney during which I only squeezed in one screening

Note to self: must try harder next week.

Here is the tale of tape  from this week:-

Cinema Screenings:

Love’s Kitchen   – Got the week of to a rocky start with one of the worst films that I have seen for sometime.  I blame Mrs Malone who was responsible of this one.   If this had been served to me in a restaurant I would have sent it back; it was simply inedible.  Check out the full review here.  Bin it.

The Five-Year Engagement – Slightly long and a little flabby in the middle (but hey aren’t we all).  But in the end pretty enjoyable and the connection between Jason Segel and Emily Blunt felt really quite genuine.  Watch it.  

Iron Sky – So long in the making, was it worth the wait? Well you will have to wait for the review to find out, but here’s a clue – Watch it.

Couch Screenings:

Star Trek IX: Insurrection – Riker’s second go in the Star Trek director’s chair.  Still feels a bit like a full Next Gen episode than an actual film, but still good stuff. Watch it.

TV Series:

Finished off the first season of Homeland, which had one hell of a double header season finale.  I have been pretty impressed by Homeland and I am quite intrigued to see how they take it into a a second series.  The issue I have now is what should be the next the next TV season to tackle?   I am pretty far behind on TV these days, so open to all and any suggestions people my have.

2012 ScoreSheet

First Timers – 25

Rewatches – 13

Total – 38

How about you guys?  Been a good week?

Cheers, Will.

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