The Week That Was 8 – 14 October

Welcome to The Week That Was where I take a look back at what I have watched over the last seven days.  Due to a work trip to Sydney and then hosting some visitors back here in Canberra it was a pretty light week and it wasn’t until the weekend that I finally found some time to sit down and catch up on some flicks. The weekend was pretty chilled though and I managed to get in 6 films including a second screening of Looper.

The big news this week was finally biting the bullet and buying myself a Blu Ray player.  Now this was a bit of a turnaround for me and you can read the background to it here, but I am really glad that I did.  My first Blu Ray was the 1975 classic Jaws, which just looked glorious in full high-definition, in particular the party scenes filmed at dusk on the beach.  The danger of transitioning to a new platform is the temptation to upgrade all your back catalogue.  I have had to lay down some strict rules in this regard which you can read here.

Ok, so let’s get into it then and here is the tale of the tape for the week.  As always you can check out my full 2012 watch list here.

Cinema Screenings

Killing Them Softly  – Brad Pitt and Andrew Dominik re-team this time to tell the tale a mob enforcer hired to investigate who took down a local card game.  This was a gritty gangster flick with return to form performances from a stella supporting cast including Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins and Vincent Curtola.  Personally I found the constant political undertones a little too obvious, but the fiscally prudent interactions between Pitt and his mob-handler Jenkins more than made up for this.  Not as good as I expected but well worth a watch. ★★★

Looper – Second time round for this time travel tale with Bruce Willis and JGL which I think I enjoyed more than my first viewing.  So much so that it goes up a star. ★★★★★

Couch Screenings

Jaws – My favourite film of all time and Bruce looks even better in full high def goodness. ★★★★★

2 Days In New York – Julie Delphy continues her 2 Days of series, this time alongside the straight acting Chris Rock in his best role for years.  Delphy apparently wrote the role with Rock in mind and the chemistry between them is evident with echos of Ethan Hawke in Before Sunrise/Sunset.  Whilst a little stereotypical at times, an enjoyable romp but not one to stick in the memory too long.   ★★★

I Love You Phillip Morris – Jim Carrey again proves that he has proper acting chops in this engaging true life tale of Steven Russell, a gay man who comes out in his mid 40s and turns to crime to fund his extravagant lifestyle as he realises that being gay is really expensive.   Think Catch Me If You Can mixed with Priscilla Queen Of Desert. ★★★

Margin Call – Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Irons are the real highlights of this timely tale which, over a 24 hour period, follows key individuals of an investment bank at the start of the global financial crisis.   A touch TV movie like, but still really quite watchable.  I have no idea why Demi Moore was in it though.  ★★★

TV Shows

Breaking Bad – Finally finished off Season 4 so now the cold turkey really begins.  I am intrigued to see what they do in Season 5 (which will be the last) as come the end of this season it seemed to reach a natural conclusion.  To help me through the wait I have ordered Season 6 of Dexter from the UK.


Two albums purchased this week including The Sapphires Soundtrack, which due to it being unavailable in the UK iTunes store I actually bought on CD, which must be the first CD I have bought in close to five years.  After a couple of listens I am itching to see the film again on the big screen.  The second was the latest from Pink The Truth About Love, another raw and autobiographical album which paints a turbulent picture of life at home.

2012 Score Sheet

Cinema Screenings – 45
Couch Screenings – 61
Total (new films) – 106
Re-watches – 40
2012 Total film count – 146
How about you guys, seen anything good?

4 thoughts on “The Week That Was 8 – 14 October

    • Hi Mark – I liked it to, but not quite as much as others it would seem. I thought Demi Moore’s character in particular was really wasted. Kevin Spacey was excellent though and really held it all together. Liked seeing Paul Bettaney in a better role for a change.

  1. I second that on “Margin Call”. I thought it was a really smart glimpse into the financial world. It was really well written and had a cast that, I thought, all added to the story in their own way.

    • I listened to an interview with Paul Bettany the other day during which he commented that Margin Call was shot in 17 days. Considering how dialogue heavy it was, that is pretty impressive. Still feels a touch HBO to me, but very watchable all the same.

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