What’s is a name?

As this blog is still rather new (it doesn’t even qualify to be a Lamb yet) I have been tinkering a little bit with the settings behind the scenes and also pondering on which direction I want to take this little adventure in.

A lot of the back room changes shouldn’t be too apparent, but will hopefully make the site work a little better. The biggest change though is the name, which I have changed to simply ‘Malone on Movies’, as I think that better sums up what I want the site to be.  I will always try and put a positive spin on things, but in the end it is me chatting about the films I have watched, and I think the new name sums that up rather well.

A quick word on my blog roll.  Every since I made my first forays into the movie blogging world, I have been very impressed by the level of talent and knowledge that is out there.  I found myself moving from site to site and reading some incredibly well written and insightful articles and reviews.  It quickly became apparent to me that I needed to limit the sites that I visit, otherwise I would spend all day every day just reading about movies.  Which whilst attractive, is ultimately rather unproductive.  Therefore my blog roll will be dedicated to sites I actively visit on a daily basis or subscribe to their feed or podcast.  Essentially my go to sites for my movie fix.  I cannot yet vote in the upcoming Lammies, but if I could I would vote for you guys.  Keep up the good writing.

A final word on the changes, the site itself hasn’t moved and is still hosted by WordPress, so the ‘Positively Movies’ traffic will be automatically redirected to the new space.

So, stay tuned for more of Malone on Movies.



4 thoughts on “What’s is a name?

  1. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I appreciate it. And while I think Positively movies wasn’t a bad name by any means, Malone on Movies is a pretty fair replacement, and it has the personal touch to go along with it.

    Also, even though you’re blog’s not in the three month mark, it doesn’t hurt to go ahead and put your blog in the queue now. It’ll be about a month or so of Lammys, and Joel posted that he has 70 sites waiting in the queue so that’s more than a month if he does 2 sites a day. And being in the queue you can register on the LAMB forums and post reviews for new movies there. I also know how tough it is trying to follow all the great blogs out there, it’s good to find the ones that fit your personality and not feel obligated to visit all the sites run by friendly reviewers – they’re almost all friendly.

    • Thanks for the heads up about applying now, that’s a really good point and I will look into it. I am keen to become an official member.

      I think I have narrowed down my blogs to a top ten, I think anymore than that and it becomes a bit unmanageable. I really do like your site, I think you have managed to gran a niche area of the market really well.

  2. Hey Will, thanks for the mention on your roll. I like the new name, it’s got class. And I know exactly what you mean about having to limit the sites you read regularly. If I wanted to keep up with every one, I wouldn’t have any time left to write my own! There’s a couple on your list that I don’t know though. Might have to check them out

    • Thanks Buddy, I appreciate the support at this early stage. Amazing the day I change the name I get my the highest readership figures, maybe I should do it everyday! Enjoy tonights film, its quite a marathon you have set yourself. Cheers, Will.

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