Sully (2016)


A lot can happen in 208 seconds. And this is how long it took Captain Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger (Tom Hanks), to successfully land his US Airways flight 1549 on New York’s Hudson River, after losing both engines to multiple bird strikes just after take-off, and saving all 155 passengers and crew on board.

Interestingly, Sully is being marketed as the feel-good movie of the year and while the through line is rightly one of celebration, Clint Eastwood, directing in his usual minimalist style, chooses to focus the majority of the film on events after the landing, where it is clear that Sully is feeling pretty far from good.

War Dogs (2016)

  • Director – Todd Phillips
  • Starring – Jonah Hill, Miles Tellar & Ana de Armas
  • Writer – Stephen Chin, Todd Phillips & Jason Smilovic (screenplay).  Guy Lawson – Rolling Stone article “Arms and the Dudes’
  • Year – 2016
  • Running Time – 114 mins


In 2004’s Old School, director Todd Phillips brought us the outrageous Frank the Tank streaking his way through the night.  This time round it’s a very different kind of tank in Phillips’ latest offering, War Dogs, a black comedy about bullets, bros and bazookas.

Following in the footsteps of the far superior The Big Short, War Dogs is another film to take comedic aim at greed, those who profit from instability and, in this case, actually reap the spoils of war.  While not entirely successful, it is an interesting departure from the recent Hangover trilogy and does succeed in being Phillips’ most accomplished movie to date. (more…)

Family & My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Note: For those simply interested in the review, this can be found towards the end of the article.

  • Director – Kirk Jones
  • Starring – Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, Michael Constantine
  • Writer – Nina Vardalos
  • Year – 2016
  • Running Time – 94 mins


In 2004, I took the first big step in any serious relationship, meeting my partner’s parents.  I had done this a couple of times before, but never had someone insisted that before I did, that I sit down and watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  However, this was exactly what my wife to be did and she made it clear, this wasn’t a suggestion, this was mandatory viewing.  While her family were Italian, and not Greek, she explained her family dynamics were worryingly similar and in the spirit of due diligence, she felt it was only fair for me to be prepared for the almost certain inquisition, sorry I mean welcome, that awaited me 12,000 miles away in Australia. She would also understand that if after watching the film, I decided to not take the flight….. (more…)

Screen Time: March 2016


Welcome to the March edition of Screen Time for 2016, which covers and documents the films and television shows I have seen on all types of screens over the preceding month split down into the following areas:

  • Highlights:  What has stood out for me this month.
  • Lowlights:  What has stood out for all the wrong reasons.
  • Cinema Screenings:  First time watches I have seen in the cinema.
  • Couch Screenings:  First time watches at home.
  • Rewatches:  Any rewatches, either in the cinema, at home or on the move.
  • TV Shows:  Any TV Shows I’m currently bingeing on.
  • Score Sheet:  The tallies for the year, so far.


My Cinematic History: The Origin Story


What was the first film you ever saw at the cinema, is a question often posed in cinematic conversations? For a long time I was always proud that my answer was 1980’s ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, one of the most critically and pop culturally relevant films of my lifetime.

I have vivid memories of as an eight year old, being hunkered down in the dark of Screen Two at my local Canon cinema back in the UK, watching the AT ATs attacking the rebel base on Hoth, all while my Dad slept soundly in the seat next to me. This scene was seared into my imagination (the AT ATs, not my Dad’s snoring) and was then lovingly recreated in thick crayon into the pages of an old 1980s schoolbook the following Monday morning during topic talk.  With this being my first exposure to cinema, how could I not become the half-arsed cinephile that I grew up to be. (more…)