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Film School 2.0

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Welcome to Film School 2.0, a regular feature which aims to chronicle the film education of my two girls Miss S (10) and Miss J (7).

They are pretty experienced little cinephiles, regular cinema patrons and most weekends you’ll find us on the couch for ‘#Friday (or Saturday) Night Film Club’, working our way through the excellent ‘101 Movies To See Before You Grow Up’. So far we have almost half of them ticked off, though I am not sure how I am supposed to get either of them interested in seeing #98 Lincoln.

Miss J is probably the more dedicated of the two and takes any opportunity to watch something. A huge Star Wars and Superman fan, she also has the widest range, often preferring the original black and white versions of films, rather than modern day remakes. A big song and dance fan, she will happily dance along to Marry Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks or Annie but also sit and be captivated by the recent Beauty and Beast remake or recount Moana line by line.

Miss S is now in the fascinating stage of being caught between films that are too childish to hold her interest and ones that she is not quite old enough to see. In UK terms, slap bang at the 12A certificate (under 12s can watch, but need to be accompanied). We have been treading slowing into this minefield, starting out with some early MCU (Ant-Man & Guardians), followed by Lion (which landed big) and her current favourite Real Steel.

Their current age gap makes it a little harder to find films which interest both of them.  This has led to more double than triple movie dates, though I suspect that Miss J will end up seeing films a little earlier than Miss S did. But you are always more relaxed with the second one.

How this will work is that after each screening, we conduct a little round table where I ask them questions about the film which we record on my phone. I did think about using this as a podcast, but it normally descends into chaos within minutes, therefore for everyone’s sanity, I have edited their answers into written form instead.

Ok, so let’s kick off with some introductions and a few general questions.

Girls, do you want to introduce yourselves?

Hi, i’m Miss S and i’m aged 10.
Hi, i’m Miss J and i’m 7 and a half.

What do you like about films?

Miss S – I just like watching them, how do I explain it? Good endings, bad endings, basically the stories.

Miss J – Stories, the bad and good parts, especially a good ending. Films entertain me, inform and inspire me. They also persuade me.

What’s your favourite type of films?

Miss S – Action and adventure films, plus comedies. Favourites would be Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, plus others with a good story line.

Did you prefer Vol 1 or Vol 2?

Miss S – I think 2. The story was deeper. They told more family history of the characters.

Miss J – I like the action and adventure section on the computer. I’m not allowed to watch Guardians of the Galaxy.

What’s Your favourite new film?

Miss S – It’s a tie – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 & 2

Miss J – Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 3, I hated number 2.

Whats your favourite old film (you know, the ones with the credits at the beginning)?

Miss S – I don’t know, I can never remember.

Miss J – The Parent Trap (1961), but I get cross as it takes ages to load and then it always stops.

What’s your favourite cinema and why?

Both – Hoyts, definitely, their popcorn is the best and buttery, plus the seats are the most comfortable. They also have the biggest screens and space at the front for us to dance during the credits. We also like running up and down the corridor after the films.

What’s your favourite cinema treat?

Miss S – Popcorn, no question.

Miss J – Sour worms or M&Ms.

What was your very first film at a cinema?

Miss S – Can’t remember, but I do know that Mummy watched What Women Want on the day that I was born, so I must have seen some of that, but I would only have been 12 hours old. I suspect it was widely inappropriate.

Miss J – Frozen, I think. Though maybe Toy Story.

Daddy – I can’t remember which films you first saw at the cinema, but I suspect it was one of the Tinkerbell films. They landed big for you both and we saw all four of them. I started Letterboxd soon after arriving in Australia and the first likely entry for you girls on there is The Lorax in January 2012.

Thanks girls.

Next up, Miss S tackles Hidden Figures.

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