New Films in Canberra

Quite a big week for new releases with four new films opening in the territory.

Safety Not Guaranteed – Fresh off getting a standing ovation at Sundance and other film festivals, this mixture of science fiction, fantasy and relationships finally lands in Canberra.  This has been on my radar all summer and clearly my film of the week. Check it out playing at Manuka.

To Rome With Love – Woody Allen’s European adventure continues. Whilst not reaching the heights of Midnight in Paris it has still received from good reviews.  I’ll be checking it out at Dendy.

Savages – Oliver Stone’e latest has split some critics, with most complaining of a poor final reel.  I am tempted though so will almost certainly still check it out.  Playing at Hoyts and Dendy.

Paranormal Activity 4 – Still can’t quite believe how well this franchise is doing.  I have seen the first but not any of the sequels, so will probably give this one a miss.  You can check out a full review by Alex of at Time For A Film who has been on a bit of a paranormal streak over recent days.  Playing at Hoyts.

What new films are you looking forward to this week?


One thought on “New Films in Canberra

  1. Safety Not Guaranteed was my 2nd favourite film at MIFF this year, so definitely worth checking out. Hopefully you like! I wasn’t going to bother with To Rome With Love, if you give it a decent rating I might check it out though.

    Thanks for the Paranormal linkage! It’s definitely one for the die hard fans that have seen them all. 🙂

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