Dendy Cult Classics

Cult Classics 2016 EPH

Its time to celebrate Mondays again with the return of the Cult Classics series at Dendy Canberra.

Each Monday in March through to May, at 10am and 6.30pm Dendy Canberra will be showing a selections of films which have inspired dedicated followings and are rarely able to be seen on the big screen.  This series has been going for a few years now and always bring a cineliterate crowd, a cracking atmosphere and the chance to see some classics films up where they belong.

Highlights for me this year are Pulp Fiction, Jaws, Goodfellas, Blade Runner and the opportunity to take my two girls to see The Princess Bride in its full glory.

The full program is listed below, tickets are only $12, so what better way to bring Mondays back.

Here is the full program, or for more details check out on the Dendy Canberra site.


7th – Pulp Fiction

14 – Goodfellas

21 – A Clockwork Orange

28 – The Shining


4 – Reservoir Dogs

11 – The Dead Zone

18 – Enter The Dragon


2 – The Princess Bride

9 – Jaws

16 – Blade Runner

23 – Fight Club

30 – The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Blu Ray: A Turnaround In Perspective

One of my very first posts of this site was DVD or Download where I summarised that I could remember the exact moment that I moved from buying films on DVD to purely downloading films instead.  The moment in question was when my eldest daughter managed to figure out how to open the DVD player.  That was game over for the DVDs there and then.

Over recent months though I have had gradual change of heart.  As I mentioned in the earlier post scrolling through a screen has none of the tactile attachment of films on a shelf and indeed almost none of the extras that come with disks.  This has lead me to feel increasingly detached from my movie collection and as I watched the ever lowering price of Blu Rays and indeed Blu Ray players I began to question my original decision.

So as I was strolling around JB Hi-Fi yesterday I came across a region free Blu Ray player for a smidgen over $100. This was very tempting. Region free is very important to me as even though I live in Australia most of my library comes from when I was in the UK, therefore  I need one player to play everything.  As I looked around the store I also noticed the plethora of Blu Rays for $15, as well as deals such as 2 for $20 and 2 for $30.  These prices were cheaper than download, better quality (1080 v 720) and come with all the extras.  A light suddenly came on in my head and the next thing I knew money was exchanged and out the shop I strolled with my shiny new region free Blu Ray player under my arm.

So onto yet another platform it would appear.   This is always a dangerous time for me as there is the constant temptation to update your collection in its entirety.  Luckily though the new player will also play and upscale DVDs which should help to resist much of the temptation, but even so I will still need to stick to the strict rules which are:-

– Only new films can be bought on Blu Ray

– The only exception to rule one are films listed in my personal top 20. These can be upgraded as I think it is important to try and own the best quality you can for your favourite films.

– TV shows cannot be bought on Blu Ray; DVD versions are more than adequate for this.

– I need to figure out a why of hooking up  a shelf to ensure the new player is out of reach of sticky fingers.

If I keep to the above then I should be fine.

So the only thing left now was to celebrate and what better way than by christening the new player.  But what film was it to be? Which film would be my first ever Blu Ray purchase?  As you tell from the picture up top I went for the anniversary edition of Jaws which is probably my favourite film of all time, therefore in full accordance with the rules laid out above.