The Canberra Film Diary: 16 – 22 January 2014


You know where has permanent shade and gorgeously chilled air conditioning? That’s right the cinema; so in this summer heat, embrace the good old indoors!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of The Canberra Film Diary, your one stop shop for all notable cinematic screenings within the ACT.  For details on specific cinemas check out the Canberra page.


Its hot outside and hot on the screens this week, with more Oscar fever films coming our way and a chance to see another classic on the big screen.  So without further ado, here are these weeks highlights:

The Wolf Of Wall Street – Monday 6.30pm, Hoyts (Members Screening)

Martin Scorsese’s latest epic is tipped for awards galore and if you have three hours spare and fancy seeing Leonardo Di Caprio fully embracing wealth, women and white powder, then this the flick for you.  But be warned, it’s supposed to be one long and wild ride.

Rocky – Friday 7.30pm, ARC

A lot of people do not realise that Sylvester Stallone actually penned the screenplay for Rocky and subsequently went on to direct a number of the sequels.  Remind yourself of this and that there life was before The Expendables in this 1976 classic, on the gorgeous ARC 4K projector.

The Great Beauty – Fri – Sun, Palace Electric

Another chance to catch the film that opened the recent Lavazza Italian Film Festival at Palace Electric and the recent winner of the Best Foreign Film Golden Globe.

Major Releases

Four major releases hit the ACT screen this week:

Her  – One of my most anticipated films of 2013 finally hits Australian shores.  Have you ever got drunk and tried to chat up Siri on your iPhone? Well, if so you are well placed to appreciate this futuristic tale of a lonely writer who develops a relationship with his computer’s operating system.  Screening at Palace and GRU.

Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit – Another title with a colon in it, but this time its the latest iteration of the Tom Clancy authored Jack Ryan franchise.  See how Chris Pine stacks up compared to the previous Jacks – Ben Affleck, Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford.  Screening everywhere.

Inside Llewyn Davies – The Coen brother’s latest offering examines the nobility in failure, folk music and felines, in this quirky and unique tale of one week in the life of a 1961 folk singer.  Compelling and foot tapping stuff.  Screening at Palace and GRU. ★★★★.

47 Ronin – Hands up who doesn’t know that Keanu Reeves likes his martial arts, anyone, anyone?  Well just in case you didn’t here is yet another example to prove a point.  The story is something about Samurais and Shoguns, which sounds a bit like good name for a band – write that down.  Screening at Dendy and Hoyts.

Other Notable Screenings

Viva Las Vega – Saturday 8.30pm, ARC (outdoors)

Gambit – Sunday 4.30pm, ARC

Have a good week and stay cool out there.

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