The Week That Was 27 May – 3 June

Another jet setting week has come to a close and with my feet firmly back on terra nova, I can hopefully get back to watching a few more films and importantly blogging about them.  As last week though my enforced flights has meant that I have been able to watch a few films, albeit on the back of someone’s head.

Here is the tale of the tape for the last week, unfortunately no new films, but a few classics re-watched.  As always you can check out my full 2012 watch list here:-

Cinema Screenings

None (boo again!)

Couch Screenings (again in various locations)

When Harry Met Sally – Was this marvellous film really made in 1989?  It it the ultimate rom-com, never bettered.

Inglorious Basterds – I was tempted back into watching this after reading an interview of QT during which he stated that when he wrote the opening conversation in the French house, he knew he had finally written something better than Christopher Walken’s speech to Dennis Hopper in True Romance.   I think I still prefer True Romance, though Basterds is an excellent film.

Plane Screenings (Up In The Air…..)

Pulp Fiction – Continuing the QT week.  A true modern day masterpiece.

The Hurt Locker – I had forgotten what an outstanding piece of cinema this really is and also that Guy Pearce makes an explosive cameo at the beginning.

An American Werewolf In London – Is it just me or has this not aged well.  The acting and dialogue now seem really quite dated.  Still lots of fun though mind you.

2012 Score Sheet

Cinema Screenings – 15
Couch Screenings – 24
Total (new films) – 39
Re-watches – 14
2012 Total film count – 53    

How about you guys, how’s your week been?



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