The Week That Was 30 April – 6 May

To be honest I am a little bit disappointed with myself this week.  If you checked out the last This Week In The Territory, then you would have seen the delights that were on my doorstep this week.  But alas, work intervened in quite an unwelcome way and my screenings were frankly pretty pitiful with only one trip to the cinema.  However if you are to choose just one film to watch at the moment, then it might as well be…..

Cinema Screenings:-

The Avengers – Josh Whedon finally proving to Hollywood that he could do what we already knew that he could, by creating an entertaining, respectful (but without being too geeky) and simply a hugely fun blockbuster.  I loved it, the script was razor sharp, laugh out loud funny in places but at the same time examined some character development which showed the humanity behind some of these superheroes.  Highly recommend, some may even say Marvellous.

Couch Screenings:-

Horrible Bosses – Truly truly horrible.  One of the worst films I have seen for some time.  I didn’t laugh once, not once.  Offensive, boring and just plain stupid.  Bin it.

Sunshine Cleaning – Caught the last hour of this on television last night.  I had forgotten how astonishing Emily Blunt and Amy Adams are in it.  Highly Recommended.

Shrek – I bought this for my two little girls as part of their cinematic learning.  I had planned to leave them to it, but got sucked in as soon as it came on and sat down on the couch to watch it with them.  Still great after 11 years and stands up well.  Highly Recommended.

2012 ScoreSheet

First Timers – 22

Rewatches – 12

Total – 34

How about you guys?  Been a good week?

Cheers, Will.

3 thoughts on “The Week That Was 30 April – 6 May

  1. A bit of a mixed bag for me. My high point was Sunshine Cleaning too. The low point was a British “horror-comedy” called Gnaw that I couldn’t even watch past 20 minutes, never mind review!

    • Great minds think alike! I have a much clearer week this week, so hopeful of a better count come Sunday, nowhere near yours though, very impressed with your numbers, how do you find the time?

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